"Mr. Tesch did an excellent job on our bankruptcy case. He was professional and helpful in determining how best to proceed with our case. My husband I always felt the information he gave us was in our best interest."

- Brenda

"Filing for bankruptcy, well was last resorts with bills piled on top and feeling drowned, I was referred to Mr.Tesch and I am so happy I was.

It felt like weight on shoulders being lifted and able to function again. He was prompt on returning emails and was able to provide information that was needed."

- A Client

"Mr. Donald Tesch is very professional attorney this is my first time filing bankruptcy and I find he was so helpful delighted Mr. Tesch is an excellent bankruptcy attorney and I am so very please with his services I will give him awesome recommendations to any o my friends that may seek legal advice in the future! My sincere thanks Mr. Tesch Warm Regards, Carole"

- Carole

"First (and hopefully only) bankruptcy. Have very little assets, and around 8k in credit card debt. Wanted a new start. Most of my time was spent filling out the paperwork. My part was incomplete because I can't read simple instructions and Don was very understanding, reviewed what I needed to change, and done. Time in court ~90 seconds. Not completed yet, but knock-on-wood everything seems just fine. I feel like I can breathe again."

- Tristan

"Donald Tesch represented me in a Chapter 13 action. I was impressed with his attention to detail, his friendly manner, and his sincere desire to help people. He explained the legal process we would be going through and gave sound advice. I would recommend him very highly."

- Terry

"My wife and I are very pleased with Mr. Donald T. Tesh , P.S. We received very PROFESSIONAL help. During all of our visits with his office and with Don, we received clear, complete and accurate professional information. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS LEGAL OFFICE . At no time did we feel that we were Not in Caring and Willing hands."

- Chapter 7 Client

"Donald Tesch was sensitive to my situation. He was to the point, making sure I did not loose focus concerning the details needed to get the job done. The job was accomplished in a timely manner. The outcome far exceeded my expectations! I recommend Donald Tesch because he does not waste time or stray from the mission."

- William

"Don was extremely helpful to us while dealing with our case. Don was knowledgeable in all aspects of our case. We will definitely recommend him."

- Mark and Stephanie

"Stellar professional. In depth understanding of Banckruptcy Law and the subtlety of the process. Gave individual attention to my particular situation and worked to structure a plan that fit those circumstances to my best advantage under the law. Listens and answers questions honestly. Good balance in bringing the facts and maintaining compassion for my situation. Very trustworthy. Everything stated on his website about his practice is exactly what I experienced in dealing with Don Tesch and his staff. The way you want a lawyer to be."

- Mary

"Don Tesch is an extremely skilled, experienced, and personable bankruptcy attorney. He and his skilled staff made the whole process easy. My wife and I have both used Don to file Chapter 7. I have recommended Don to various friends and associates, all of which were very impressed with his professionalism and ability to navigate the bankruptcy process."

- Chapter 7 Client

"Donald - and his paralegal, Stacy - are absolutely wonderful to work with, and my wife and I are extremely glad that we chose him to handle our Chapter 13 bankruptcy (3+ years ago) and more recently, converting it to a successful Chapter 7. His experience and methodology shined through every step of the process; ultimately it was us, the clients, that were the stumbling blocks when it came to how quickly, efficiently and successful our case was!

Despite the feelings of failure that came with filing for bankruptcy, Donald never held our hand, told us anything other than the (often harshly truthful) things we needed to know, or made us feel as if we were being forced into a particular course of action. He always treated us as adults who could make their own decisions, no matter how difficult they may be, enabling us to make our own informed choices for our specific situation. He was completely up-front and honest when his (professional) opinion differed from ours, but we never felt pigeon-holed into following his advice as the only course of action. Even during our initial counsel he made sure we "knew what we were getting into" rather than simply agreeing that bankruptcy was the only option for the sake of getting himself some new clients.

Unlike some other lawyers I've worked with, Donald treated us with absolute respect and as peers at all times, something that was encouraging and empowering given the weight of our situation. Even after our case(s) were over he never stopped treating us as active clients, and even went beyond the call of duty (in my opinion) in taking the time and effort to negotiate an extremely good "deal" with a particular creditor as part/following of our Chapter 7 dismissal."

- Candace

"Don helped me with my Chapter 7 and was courteous, non judgmental, helpful, informative, and easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone seeking to file a bankruptcy!"

- GP

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