Don't lose your home to foreclosure

We can help you stop a foreclosure and force your mortgage company to accept partial payments on your mortgage arrears (the amount you are behind).

The filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop a foreclosure action and allow you to force your mortgage company to accept payments and bring your mortgage current over a five (5) year period. If you have equity in your home and can make partial payments toward your arrears (the amount you are behind), a Chapter 13 could be the answer.

If you have no equity in your property, you might benefit from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. The filing of a Chapter 7 will stop the foreclosure temporarily and give you some time to move with the added benefits of discharging all of your dischargeable debts and giving you a “fresh start”.

Call us today at (425) 771-8230 if your home is in foreclosure to see if a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 might be the solution to your problem.