Pre-filing Credit Counseling Certificate & Post-Filing Financial Management Course

The new Bankruptcy Law requires more from debtors, including a pre-filing consultation with an approved credit counseling service in an attempt to force consumers to pay their debts outside of bankruptcy.

In order for us to file a bankruptcy for you, it is now required that you complete the 60 to 90 minute telephonic and/or internet counseling and obtain a Certificate from the credit counseling agency.

You are also required to complete a 90 minute telephonic and/or internet counseling session for a Financial Management Course after your case has been filed. You will obtain an additional Certificate for this session.

If you are filing a joint petition, each debtor is required to complete this Financial Management course separately and will each obtain a separate Certificate.

Once you have completed your counseling requirements, you may have the agency fax our office the required certificate to the fax number listed above, or you may call our office directly and provide us with your counseling session certificate number.

Please note that you may receive solicitations from numerous agencies to use their services for the Financial Management Course. We recommend you use the same agency as your pre-filing counseling session, as in most cases, you may have already paid us directly for the fees associated with the required counseling sessions.

The following credit counseling agencies are a few that have been approved for the Western District of Washington:

Access 24/7

English & Spanish

Attorney Code: DT12555

Allen Credit & Debt Counseling


Telephonic & Internet Counseling

English & Spanish

GreenPath Debt Solutions


Telephonic & Internet Counseling

Translation services available

Use Client Code discount: Tesch425

Springboard Non-Profit Consumer Credit


Telephonic & Internet Counseling

English & Spanish

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